The Ball Starts Rolling

First of all let me say welcome to my blog. Having completed 2 terms of my first year of film school at the Edinburgh College of Art, it’s about time I started talking about what I’m watching, making, liking and loathing, hence the creation of this here blog.

Today, the lovely people at sent me the Chilian director Alejandro Jodorowsky’s film FANDO Y LIS (1968 ) This is the second film from the man that brought us EL TOPO and, judging be the opening minutes, is no less strange. More on that when I’ve actually watched it.

What is nice about the disc is the fact his first film is also on there, a 20 minute mime short called LA CRAVATE (1957) which tells the story of a girl who sells heads in a small shop which is very sparse but seems to do roaring trade. The use of vivid colour is striking, beautiful and disturbing with the incessantly sweet soundtrack by Edgar Bischoff keeping the the whole thing tasting strangely innocent.

Although saturated in over the top theatrics (no great surprise considering it’s mime) it’s an interesting story told with some clever camera moves, the POV of the head being reattached for instance being particularly effective. This is the first Jodorowsky I’ve seen, it’s going to be an interesting ride discovering his later work.




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