The Only Film to Suplement Today

After attending the Newcastle v Sunderland match today at St. James’ Park I was struck with 2 thoughts…

The first was ” How many policemen does it take to put a handful of Scots on the train home” and

2: How long has it been since I’ve seen ESCAPE TO VICTORY (1981)? Which I’ve just this second found out was directed by John Huston!!…. I’m flabergasted…… from KEY LARGO (1948 ) with Humphrey Boghart and Edward G. Robinson to Sylvester Stalone in goals…… “half time Hatch”.

Have a look at this clip which, against my better judgement, shows you the end of the picture.If you’ve not seen it TURN IT OFF!…. for those of you who have,  once again enjoy the feast of cinematically re enacted football skill on show. they don’t make em’ like that any more!………. And yes, the bicycle kick is in there.


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