Something to keep you going

Tomorrow I’ll be disappearing for 4 days to finish off building the set for THE PITTS which starts shooting at the start of May. As I’m an art director on the film and have been placed in charge of creating a fake mine, I thought it appropriate to introduce the wonder of the Italian director, Mario Bava onto the blog. Bava is well known for creating amazing things out of next to nothing, and on a miniscule budget, which is pretty much what we’re doing with THE PITTS. In this clip from HERCULES IN THE HAUNTED WORLD (1961) we see Hurcules, played by the late Reg Park, use his amazing strength to get himself and Theseus out of another sticky situation in the underword, this one being a lake of lava which of course, must be crossed. The clip is only a minute long but is rammed with good stuff. Look out in particular for the trajectory of the rock, the atmospheric wide shot with the trademark smoke behind glass effect and the rock actually taking hold on the other side. Give me that over CGI effects any day.

David Cairns, my tutor at eca, gave me a copy of this movie and KILL BABY KILL (1966) which has really got me wanting more Bava in my collection and has reinstated a lost love for old school horror that doesn’t rely on the modern “quiet, quiet, LOUD” method to scare the audience. I’ll talk about that and find a few clips on returning from Torrance.


2 responses to “Something to keep you going

  1. They just don’t make rope like that any more. Clearly been through years of world-saving wear and tear but still as reliable as ever. Of course, I’m assuming that Hercules and his mate make it across OK. If he doesn’t then I take back the comment about the rope completely.

  2. I’ll give you a shot of the film Al. Without giving too much away, there’s incident on that rope.

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