Something a Little Different

My first post on the blog looked at the Alejandro Jodorowsky film CRAVATTE and today, I finally got round to watching FANDO Y LIS (1968 ) which is the second film from this very unique, South American director. It won’t IN ANY WAY suit everyone’s tastes but there’s something about it that draws you in and doesn’t allow you to avert your gaze, even if the scene does involve Fando dragging his crippled lover Lis down a rocky pathway by her legs, Fando being seduced and cross gendered with Lis by a gang of guys in drag or a crazed midget dancing wildly round a rather portly naked girl……. Like I said, not one for the kids or to be rented on a first date but if you like your cinema occasionally on the subversive artistic side, and it is EXTREMELY beautiful and powerful in parts, look no further. The scene I’ve selected is where Fando has strayed from Lis whilst searching for the mystical land of TAR, he comes accross a series of strange characters, none stranger than this band of old ladies playing cards for peaches whilst pawing what can only be described as their gimp…… Best enjoyed with a loved one.




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