….. And in 70mm….

On Saturday May 24th the filmhouse in Edinburgh are showing 2001: A Space Oddysey on screen 1…. impressive? Yes. Exciting? Yes. What really gives this piece of information some balls is it’s being shown on a 70mm print! ….. It’s like Christmas has come early.

I showed Lauren, my 9 year old daughter, this film over a year ago and she still remembers it vividly, “I like the scene where the man calls his daughter on earth via the videophone for her birthday” she tells me tonight. It’s kinda cute that a minor part of the movie immediately springs to mind.
For all the philosophising and intellectualising that can be done about this film, and lets face it, there’s been an abundance of writings on the subject, there’s nothing better than admiring the sheer beauty of the picture.

I find it hard to fault this film. It’s a film I like to watch when I come in at night drunk and feel the need to fill my head with images to feed dreams. When it’s on you can close your eyes and let the sound take you on a journey very similar but altogether different and subjective. Lauren describes the ending as “that weird bit I can’t quite get.”… Some people use similar words to describe the whole movie. I’ve selected an obvious clip but you can’t help but love it, and of course it includes that jump cut.


2 responses to “….. And in 70mm….

  1. Theres a big debate in my camp over the merits of the film and most are on the fence. Although none of them are ‘professional film watchers’.

    I almost love the film and have watched it many times but I can fault it, albeit swiftly.

    I just saw 2010 for the first time this week. I can’t believe nobody mentions it more in the context of its predecessor. It is a great film that adds to the first and actually adds weight and value to it. It may not be the same masterpiece, but it is thoroughly enjoyable.

    I’ve never had the pleasure of 70mm. Can you describe (through analogy if you must)?

  2. I’ve not seen 2010 actually, did a little bit of research and the director (Peter Hyams)later brought us TIMECOP…… I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt. Any chance of a copy if you have it Mike??

    I know what you mean. There are faults in 2001, I just find it hard to talk about them as the film, when viewed as a whole, is magnificent. As for 70mm… It’s the same as looking at 16mm next to 35…. No analogy needed 🙂

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