It’s my birthday, sue me.

So, today I turn 33. According to many it should freak me out but considering my 20’s were nothing but a dull blur, I’m really only 23…. Yes, I mean it. There’s a really guff song that’s played at rubbish 40th’s called It’s My Party (and I’ll cry if I want to)…… So in the tradition of that song I’m going to post a clip that is purely for my pleasure, nothing else. if you like the film, great. If you enjoy the scene, I’m pleased. if you dislike either, SCREW YOU…. today is my show. Normal business will resume tomorrow. …. To set the scene….. The film is ANIMAL CRACKERS (1930) and Groucho and Chico are discussing how to recover the missing painting…. 3 words…… WATCH THIS MOVIE!


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