Morning Oblivion

I thought I’d treat myself to a bit of a long lie this morning and took in LIVING IN OBLIVION (1995), A Tom DiCillo film starring Cathering Keener and Steve Buscemi. It’s a movie about low budget film making and the stresses and pitfalls that come with working in that sector of the business. I think they do very well to capture the feel of a film set as well as showing the experience from a range of different viewpoints

Steve Buscemi is, of course, best known for being Mr Pink in PULP FICTION, his lesser known work is well worth checking out also. TREES LOUNGE (1996) is a film he directed as well as starred in. It’s not everone’s cup of tea due to the slow pace of the picture but it’s well worth investing some time in. IN THE SOUP (1992) was made in the same year as RESERVOIR DOGS and is very cool. Look out for further appearences in DEAD MAN (1995), NEW YORK STORIES (1989), COFFEE AND CIGARETTES (2003) and GHOST WORLD (2001) … All these films are nestled amongst movies such as the likes of ARMAGEDDON (1999) and MONSTORS INC (2001) which shows his versatility.
My favourite Cathering Keener film would have to be CAPOTTE (2005) where she is the calming influence of Nelle Harper Lee, a performance that won her numerous nominations including the Oscar and BAFTA awards for best supporting actress. She has also caught my eye in 8MM (1999) and BEING JOHN MALKOVICH (1999)
Getting back to LIVING IN OBLIVION, it’s worth a watch. People who don’t make films will be asking “Why do they put themselves through that?” ….. Those of us who do make films will no doubt be asking the same thing. In this scene, which I find HILLARIOUS, Director Nick Reve (Played by Buscemi) has to deal with a “difficult” actor.


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