A big ol’ slice of the mid 70’s

What’s the best way to spend a bank holiday Monday?

The answer of course is to lock yourself away and watch a triple bill that covers a film from each of the following years…..

The year you were concieved (you can guess if it’s borderline)
The year you were born
And the year of your first birthday.

There’s no real reason for this. For me, it was just an excuse to watch 3 films from the mid 70’s. And what a nice little journey it took me on:


The above clip is obviously the title sequence and I love it to bits. Not only do the gharish colours work, they REEK of cool. This is the first taste of blaxploitation cinema I’ve had, outside of SHAFT (1971) and SUPERFLY (1972).

Pam Grier is Foxy Brown with Antonio Fargas playing her brother Link. Link is to blame for every scrape foxy gets into in this picture, I’ll not say too much as the film should be watched, get it on your lovefilm lists. the scene below is the famous lesbian bar fight scene. A working girl Foxy is trapped with finds herself in a bit of a jam, in steps Foxy, job done. What’s great is the 70’s stereotyping of the lesbian look, real tasty.


This Claude Chabrol film from the year of my birth takes a lot of stick. There are also no clips of it on youtube. The picture follows the marriage of Phillipe and Esther. The couple appear to have a happy relationship at the start of the picture but his narcissistic, domineering personality eventually drives them apart.

This is not a film for the faint hearted. Phillipe is a devoted father and you want to give him credit for it but he is also an absolute beast towards his gentle wife who, although being kinda nice, does herself no favours by being so docile it is hard to sympathise with her too much. Permitted infedelity is soon brought into play with Phillipe seeming blase about the fact his wife is sleeping with another man whilst at the same time trying to control and belittle her. It is a very complex look at married life alongside the amplified failings of man. Not for everyone, probably not a picture for repeat viewings but it merits a go.

NETWORK (1976)

Following my blog on 12 ANGRY MEN a few days ago I finished my 70’s triple with Sidney Lumet’s NETWORK. I’m really gettin into Lumet’s work, it has a real honesty that doesn’t need to dress itself up as anything other than a look at the truth. NETWORK is as relevant today as it was in 1976. The feeling of anger, the suspicion surrounding what we’re fed by the cathode ray tv tube and the decisions driving what we see on it have not changed. Not one bit. the 2 clips below show Howard Beal preaching to the nation. To him it’s truth, it’s an attempt to show the American public the light, or at least a glimmer of it. To the network chiefs he’s a circus sideshow….. Enjoy.


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