What’s Up Doc?

My documentary THE LAST DROP is almost complete and will be posted here at JIC as soon as the final cut is done…. should be sometime next week. Last night I took in a beautiful doc that is a good example of how it should be done. If you’ve not seen it already ETRE ET AVOIR should be on EVERYONES lovefilm lists. The subject mater is simple, a look at life in a small French school. What is complex and interesting are the eccentricities and human traits of both the individual pupils and the teacher. Being a mixed single class school in rural France, children of different ages are taught in a single inclusive environment. This leads to a beautiful cross pollenation of ideas and attitudes across the different levels of learning.

A film of this kind could easily slip into the realm of sentimentality, Plilibert’s purely observational style prevents it from doing so. There are many wonderful moments that could be shown in this film that cover everything from the wide eyed inquisitiveness of early childhood to the awkward, uneasy journey into adolescence.
In this scene, Jojo (the star of the show) attempts to wash his hands. It’s a joy to watch.


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