Well Said

“To reproach Hitchcock for specialising in suspense is to accuse him of being the least boring of filmmakers; it is also tantamount to blaming a lover who instead of concentrating on his own pleasure, insists on sharing it with his partner. The nature of Hitchcock’s cinema is to absorb the audience so completely that the Arab viewer will forget to shell his peanuts, the Frenchman will ignore the girl in the next seat, the Italian will suspend his chain smoking, and the Swedes will interupt their love-making in the aisles”

HITCHCOCK by Francois Truffaut
Excerpt taken from the introduction


4 responses to “Well Said

  1. I wish I’d known about Truffaut’s book when I was talking to a film student about six years ago who was rubbishing Hitchcock for precisely this reason. Mind you, the fact that he had been singing the praises of “Shallow Hal” only moments before probably would have made the whole conversation pointless.

  2. Oh dear!

    Shallow Hal is a horribly obvious movie built around a more obvious moral. There’s nothing in that picture to engage, surprise, amuse or stimulate the audience…. And I’m a fan of Jack Black.

    In saying that, with those standards, the film student you mention will probably do well in Hollywood.

    I can’t recommend the Truffaut book enough. I’m about half way through and can’t put the thing down.

  3. I have been meaning to read it for a while, so I will be seeking it out.

    Being a Jack Black fan, did you see “Be Kind Rewind”?

  4. You should! You’ll get so much out of it on a technical level. Any fan of cinema will find it fascinating.

    I’ve not, missed it in the cinema but have it on my rental list. I’ve read mixed reviews but a friend said it was very good. I do like Gondry’s work, especially his organic approach to effects. May do a little section on THE SCIENCE OF SLEEP.

    Welcome to the blog by the way.

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