Films I’d Love To See On The Big Screen # 1


4 responses to “Films I’d Love To See On The Big Screen # 1

  1. Once upon a time, we used to have an annual film fest here in New Zealand called the Incredibly Strange Film Festival – it was filled with fare like this.

    One of the annual highlights of the festival was “That’s Exploitation!”, a 90-minute compilation of trailers from B movies.

  2. Sounds great!

    The Filmhouse in Edinburgh runs the odd weird season which always goes down well.

    I’ve got this dvd on my rental list:

    It’s pretty much “That’s Exploitation” in disc form. I’ll be sure to post a section on it what the damn thing arrives.

    Did you see the mock trailers between the Deathproof / Planet Terror movies?….. Not for kids!

  3. Oh my god, did you see this while you were there?

    Joseph Cotten slumming it in “Lady Frankenstein”…

  4. “Only the monster she creates can satisfy her strange desires”……

    The online rental people don’t have it which has left me a little dissapointed.

    Cotten’s work in the early 70’s was all a bit strange. Gotta love him for that.

    Interesting to see the trailer for BEYOND THE DOOR in that collection. I got hold of BEYOND THE DOOR II very recently. It’s Mario Bava’s last film and is extremely decent.

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