If you’ve been hanging about the dark corridors of this blog for a bit you’ll know I was working with 30Bird productions over the Fringe Festival, filming and editing their show PLASTIC. I’m happy to say I’ve now finished the “trailer”

The director of the play, Mehrdad Seyf, gave me a free reign to shoot what I wanted, when I wanted and in any style I felt would complement the piece which was incredibly liberating and gave me scope to approach the play in a cinematic way. Posted below is said trailer.


2 responses to “PLASTIC

  1. Nice!

    You clearly have a future making Nine
    Inch Nails videos if nothing else.

    Had a nice sense of foreboding and built some palpable tension in there.

    Speaking as a true Philistine I’d be tempted to loose the bit where she puts a shoe in a jar as that almost had me giving the reflex eye-roll reserved for “high concept” and whilst I’m sure it works in context within the peice I’m not sure it will help you attracted uncultured slobs like what I is.

    Bloody good stuff though.

  2. Thanks man.

    The shoe in jar scene is an essential part of the show, leaving it out would be like having a trailer for TAXI DRIVER that made no refernce to Travis Bickle…. or taxis.

    Do Nine Inch Nails still make videos??!

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