The main focus of this term at the film school of eca is experimentation and experimental film. I can’t say I was a fan of the genre as a stand alone entity (there are obvious examples within dramatic cinema) until our tutor Matt Hulse, who is himself a BAFTA winning experimental filmmaker, took us on a journey of discovery in order to prepare and inspire us for our upcoming projects. You can take a look at Matt’s TAKE ME HOME…… here.

One prominent name who’s work has me completely taken aback is Jan Svankmajer.

As I’ve only just got a hold of his film anthology, there’s not a lot of information I can give about this amazing artist right now. What I can do is (re)introduce you to his work via the gift of Youtube.

The following sections of film are from his piece DIMENSIONS OF DIALOGUE (1982) It’d be interesting to find out what you think as I think this is amazing work. Of course, this is only a small piece towards the end of a longer film. The Youtube uploads fall apart due to the fast moving animation but it’s easy to find the whole piece on the interweb should you feel like it.


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