Daily Archives: February 10, 2009

Tonight’s Viewing



After a week and a bit of gut busting filming in ol’ London town, (God that place takes it out of you) I’m kicking back tonight with a Hawks / Jodorowsky double.

The former is a nice slice of Bogart / Becall flirtation which never fails to please.

The latter is a lesson in cinematic freedom which should be seen by EVERYONE.

I’m off to the cinema tomorrow to start catching the “best picture” oscar nominees, more on that when I can keep my eyes open….. It was, however, very pleasing to see Penelope Cruz winning a “Supporting Actress” BAFTA gong for her performance in VICKY CRISTINA BARCELONA…. as much as the woman unsettles me, it was a damn fine performance.

“……… I just don’t know what it is……”