Movies on Youtube

I’ve always been against watching full movies on Youtube but when faced with staying in a room in Camden last week that had no DVD player, no TV and a laptop that didn’t play AVI files I was left with no choice. Now I have to tell you…..

Apart from having to move to the next section every ten minutes, The experience wasn’t at all horrible.

Here’s what I watched and the beauty of this post is, you can watch them too…… and NOW!!


This 1936 Alexander Korda production of the H.G. Wells novel is a fine example of really good British Sci Fi. Wells apparently hated the Fritz Lang film METROPOLIS and wanted to make this picture the opposite of the German’s futuristic epic. I have to say though, even though there was a dislike there, you could definately tell the filmmakers had seen METROPOLIS, along with Eisentein’s work. This is no criticism however, as if it could be.

The picture is set in “Everytown” and has 3 major shifts in time (joined together with some nice militaristic montage) covering pre war, post war and the future where man’s futile battles with each other are exposed and examined. It’s great stuff with some nice dialogue and strange futuristic inventions like “the gas of peace”.

Give it a whirl, you can watch it NOW and probably should!

Next up was the 1955 Roger Corman picture DAY THE WORLD ENDED.


This post apocalytic romp charts the fortunes of 7 survivors of a nuclear blast. There’s some real tension here and, true to form for this genre of picture, it features a very interesting “mutant”. Give it a whirl.


4 responses to “Movies on Youtube

  1. Yep. I use it for watching movies that I cannot (or refuse to) buy. Films I have watched on Youtube: Brink and Super Mario Bros.

  2. So tell me Mike, are those 2 titles films you cannot, or would not buy?

    Never heard of Brink but the Youtube commenters seem to love it!! Better than High School Musical says one. A bold claim if ever I’ve heard one.

    I’ll sit and watch it after this busy madness is over, my daughter has taught me to watch these films with uncynical eyes.

    Super Mario Bros?…… hmmmmmm

  3. Brink is a pile of crap. It is the worst acted professional production I have ever seen. Yet it is entirely watchable and has probably made me buy rollerblades on three seperate occaisions. Watching it again made me cringe to the max though.

    SMB is a film I never really loved but wanted to watch again (I assumed in earlier years that it was aimed at adults – ala Batman 1 or something) but I was wrong. This movie stinks too. I like some of the ideas in it though and may pinch something when I write by epic sci-fi tv show.

    PS. I have finally linked your blog from my blog. We are now partners in crime.

  4. I thought your tongue was firmly in cheek but you never know with you!

    Thanks man, I’m gonna return the favour if I can work out how to!!

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