Writing my opinion on the new Duncan Jones film MOON is proving difficult as the strange feeling of exhaustion and sleep deprivation coursing through my fatigued veins right now is causing frequent typos and disjointed thoughts the likes of which are usually reserved for those coming out of suspended animation…..

Quite a fitting state in which to discus this movie.


I really don’t want to give too much away in terms of plot structure as I think I knew a little too much going into the picture. Critics are expected to wax lyrical on the pros and cons of a picture but I feel this discourse, along with explicit trailers, really diminish the discovery that comes with entering a theatre knowing NOTHING.

It’s without doubt the best way to approach this film.


Sam Rockwell is Sam Bell, an astronaut / engineer serving a 3 year stint on a lunar surface base which harvests Helium 3, the green energy of the future. Bell is unassisted by humans but has GERTY (the base’s computer) for company and technical support, voiced by the excellent Kevin Spacey. With only 2 weeks left to serve of his 3 year stint, Bell takes a maintenence run in the Moon buggy which leads to a happening, which kick starts all kinds of strange stuff, none of which I’m going to explain.


The immediate GERTY / HAL comparisons are inevitable but, as Matt Etheridge pointed out in our post flick discussion, a tad lazy. The film wears its influences proudly on its sleeve but never allows them to become distracting. You come out of the theatre thinking about the picture in the same context you do the great sci-fi pictures without feeling the need to hang too much homage baggage onto it, Jones has created a piece of work which speaks on its own terms.


Despite the fairly slow pace of the flick, and that’s no criticism, revelations come early on, giving the audience the space and time to digest and involve themselves in what’s happening rather than eagerly anticipating an M. Night Shyamalan style twist at the end.

………. I really don’t want to tell you any more about the story to be honest. These films should be supported and the best way to do that is to go and see it. At the very least buy the dvd.


5 Reasons to see MOON:

1: It’s a $5m movie that looks better than most 9 figure efforts.

2: At 97 minutes, the flick doesn’t require you to put a week aside to view it.

3: Rockwell is perfectly cast and plays off himself wonderfully.

4: The film stays with you long after you leave the theatre and demands discussion.

5: Duncan Jones is a director with great potential. He needs your movie dollars.

Here’s the trailer…….. But only because it doesn’t give too much away and I want as many people as possible to make an effort to see this flick. Watch the trailer, but avoid reviews.


3 responses to “MOON

  1. The Workplace Adversary

    For the first time in history a post I can find no fault with!

    Our host is indeed right this is a work that showcases that most exciting of things….a Director, no a STORYTELLER of great promise but not yet fully formed. I havent been this excited about a new talent sice Alien3.

    The only thing my tired compatriot failed to mention was Clint Mansel’s terrific score. Being a frankly huge Pop Will Eat Itself fan I constantly struggle to beleive that the man who has produced scores of such beauity and maturity as here and in the work of Aronofsky is the same guy who brought us “Karmadrome” and “Get The Girl! Kill The Baddies!”.

    This wouldn’t be half the picture it is without Clint’s score.

    I hope to find he and Jones will form the same partnership he has forged with Aronofsky.

  2. “For the first time in history a post I can find no fault with!”

    Let’s not be making a habit of this!

    Too true, the score is incredible and you get a small taster of it in the trailer there. The film would be a completely different experience without it.

    On the Pop Will Eat Itself thing. I had the XY and ZEE 12 inch back in the day….. Ah, good times. Shall we have a tune on JIC for the first and last time?? I does relate to the post after all…..

    Look at the crowd in this clip! Makes you want to be there right now.

  3. The Workplace Adversary

    LOVE IT! The Poppies on patrol

    Clint is clearly the REAL Slim Shady isn’t he 🙂

    From there to being ripped off by eveyone from Peter Jackson to Sky Sports News.

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