The absent return.

Normal service is just about ready to be resumed….. After a solid ten months of writing and making my new short film TRYST, I’m almost ready to kick back and become a serious audience member for a month or two…. or is that weeks? The flick had it’s cinema premiere at the Edinburgh Filmhouse the day before the EIFF started. This was doubly pleasing as the Filmhouse were in the middle of a Woody Allen retrospective and earlier that day, Manhattan Murder Mystery had played on the very same screen, so it could be said that Woody Allen opened for me, no? …

Of course my flick wasn’t the only short on show that night. Everyone was out in force to celebrate the films of my classmates and I, all of whom graduated from the Edinburgh College of Art film school this year. Well done to all my pals there, the output this year (without judging my own flick) was wonderful

Before I charge in with a massive saggy ramble, here’s some visual nuggets from the newest work of yours truly. It’s nice to be back.

P.S. If you double click on the image it opens out a bit ….. I’m sure you knew that…..


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