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You’d NEVER Get This From Blockbuster Video…..

3 reasons why EVERYONE should invest in online rental!…. Check out this treble bill coming my way.


Films I’d Love To See On The Big Screen #3

I’m really facinated by the “blaxploitation” genre and after watched a few of the more famous examples (FOXY BROWN, SHAFT, SUPER FLY) have developed a thirst for the lesser known pictures of this short but incredibly prolific period in the history of cinema.

BLACK CAESAR should be hitting my doorstep shortly as should BLACULA which stars William Marshall as the count. Both are obviously Blaxploitation takes on classic American cinema but I suspect the relationship between the films goes beyond a tongue in cheek adaptation with a funky soundtrack. The condition of black / white relations in the early 70’s, when most of these films were made, was volatile to say the least which makes the undertones of the plotlines so interesting to look at…..

…. They’re also quite funny. As the trailer below shows. Listen out especially for the line “Blacula: Dracula’s soul brother” …..

Baadasssss Cinema is a great documentary charting the rise and eventual fall of the genre should you wish to find out more.