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The Art of Marketing

This little strand will allow me to post during times of high workload where the notion of sitting at a pc and formulating thought sits somewhere between impossible and fatal.

Cinema art (by this I mean posters mainly) and more importantly old or unusual cinema art is always pleasing. Let’s open in Eastern Europe with the Polish poster for Stanley Kubricks fleshy swansong, EYES WIDE SHUT…..


Great Movie Openings: A Clockwork Orange

As movie openings go there’s none better than A CLOCKWORK ORANGE, a wonderful picture that caused Stanley Kubrick so much trouble and personal grief that he requested the studio pull it from cinemas and block it’s video release. I read the book when I was 14 and managed to get a look at a really grainy pirate video copy with shocking sound shortly afterwards. Watching it for the first time, I was thrilled when the FBI warning flashed up on the screen “shit, it’s the FBI!! If they find out about this we’re in for some REAL jail time” …….

Then the film started…….

The screen turns red and that music cuts through the air which, in some indescribable way, lets you know what kind of journey you’re about to embark on.

We’re introduced to the iconic figure of Alex, flanked by his droogs then there’s the seamless combination of a zoom out into a backwards track.

I realise that 99.9% of you will have seen this 2:16 of cinema many, many times. Kubrick, and Kubricks films however, never atain the status of boring. Any yes, I do include BARRY LYNDON and EYES WIDE SHUT in that statement.