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Meet The Sister

Warning!!! Gratuitous new blog plug imminent……

It’s a much needed place I can throw my oar in about all non-movie related stuff. Self indulgent therapy if you will.

Feel free to drop by and put my factual inaccuracies right.


A Killer Filler

It’s been many days since the last post. I find myself buried in a complex edit whilst bouncing around the script for my next flick.

The edit’s going well and should be ready for departure date, where I head down south to show thing a week on Monday. It’s all a bit experimental, I hope to post a bit on the site soon.

Life hasn’t been without movies. My good buddy David Nicklen and I took in the new Tarantino flick INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS which has a lot wrong with it but is given, in my view, unfair treatment, especially in the more highbrow of cinema publications. More on that soon.

I was thinking about Tarantino though. Quentin has given me many moments of cinematic glee over the years and I’m willing to stick up for the dude. Here’s my opening statement.

And All Free Today

The good folks at Sight and Sound magazine have an inside cover ad for a new website that’s sprung up showing interesting indie movies…… FOR FREE!!

There’s not a huge amount on there as the thing is very much in its infancy but it’d be good to drum up some support in the hope the site expands and offers up lots of little known gems for us to enjoy en masse.

One flick I did notice was the 2001 Ray Lawrence film LANTANA. I recall seeing this picture in an Australian double bill with SOMERSAULT and being HUGELY impressed by it, so much so that I bought it as a Christmas present for someone.

If I get time this week (things are still heaving busy) I may take in a flick, blog about it, then demand you watch it for yourselves. After all, there’s no excuse not to……

Check it out:

Headin’ South


I’m in the middle of my 3rd collaboration with 30bird productions and leave today for a week of filming and wandering in London town.

Don’t be having any mad parties and remember to feed the cat.