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Something By Me……..

Pre production for TRYST, the new flick which starts shooting in 3 weeks, is roaring ahead which has left little time for cinematic ramblings of any kind. Things will be back to normal in May when I plan to take a couple of weeks off and post relentless, half baked opinion on whatever I’m watching.

In the meantime it’ll probably be snippets and guys with beards…… I like a good beard on a man don’t you?

I recently set up a Vimeo account to post stuff not currently with festivals as those chaps seem to have a better quality stream. The first little bit uploaded was a trailer for Chodzenie – Siberia that I shot and edited for some theatre performances in London and Southend….. amongst others. there was 2 films made at 40 minutes long which were beamed onto a surface whilst some interesting dance / performance stuff went on. you can find out more at the 30 Bird site, the story that spawned the piece is nothing short of incredible.

Here’s a wee chunk that features a shot of me eating soup…….

Chodzenie – Siberia from Stuart Condy on Vimeo.


Headin’ South


I’m in the middle of my 3rd collaboration with 30bird productions and leave today for a week of filming and wandering in London town.

Don’t be having any mad parties and remember to feed the cat.


If you’ve been hanging about the dark corridors of this blog for a bit you’ll know I was working with 30Bird productions over the Fringe Festival, filming and editing their show PLASTIC. I’m happy to say I’ve now finished the “trailer”

The director of the play, Mehrdad Seyf, gave me a free reign to shoot what I wanted, when I wanted and in any style I felt would complement the piece which was incredibly liberating and gave me scope to approach the play in a cinematic way. Posted below is said trailer.