Monthly Archives: August 2010

That Felt Pen Aesthetic

Here’s the poster (again, we’re in Poland) for the Coen Brothers’ THE BIG LEBOWSKI….. I love the home made feel. It’s like the Polish distributers marched into a second year graphics design class and demanded results within the week. What you get is advertising that bursts with life without concealing the mechanics if its creation, you can see the pen strokes in the main text. And of course, they get a bit of quotation in there with the confusingly referenced line “I just bought that car last week”……. Very nice indeed.


The Art of Marketing

This little strand will allow me to post during times of high workload where the notion of sitting at a pc and formulating thought sits somewhere between impossible and fatal.

Cinema art (by this I mean posters mainly) and more importantly old or unusual cinema art is always pleasing. Let’s open in Eastern Europe with the Polish poster for Stanley Kubricks fleshy swansong, EYES WIDE SHUT…..